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Last Name First Name Description Date Newspaper Page x Column Vol. Issue
Alexander  William Thornton  (Sligo) Requests Return Of Lost Books  3/25/1806  Virginia Herald  3x3  19  1522 
Alum Spring ice     at Sligo advertisement  3/2/1838  Political Arena  3x3  10  53 
Ferneyhough  George T.  owner of Sligo  7/17/1876  Fredericksburg News  3x5     
Ferneyhough  John  Sligo Colts For Sale  12/22/1795  Virginia Herald  3x4  479 
Ferneyhough  John  Sligo Ice House advertisement  8/29/1837  Political Arena  3x2  10 
Fernhough  George T.  owner of home Sligo  4/19/1897  Daily Star  3x2  680 
Goolrick  Peter  born Sligo Ireland  3/18/1890  The Free Lance       
Skeleton  Caged  found near Sligo, details  4/14/1899  Daily Star  3x2  2043 

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